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As a service for disabled people and those with limited mobility, sight or communication, we take accessibility seriously.  We contact or visit as many of our destinations as possible to check whether accessible facilities are as advertised and suitable for our members. 

As an extra check, our members complete 'Feedback Forms' for most destinations advising us whether the accessibility features, refreshment areas and comfort facilities are truly accessible.  We update the managers of these locations with our findings so they can continue to improve their premises for the comfort and enjoyment of people with limited mobility, sight or communication.

Information Formats

Information about our services is available in accessible formats on request.  

Our Vehicles

All our minibuses are fitted with an electronic tail-lift and our cars are fitted with a ramp.  If you prefer to use the lift to access/egress our vehicles, you can advise us when you phone to request transport and we will update your details accordingly.

Our vehicles can comfortably accommodate one to 16 seated passengers without wheelchairs or any combination of wheelchairs/mobility aids and seated passengers up to the maximum occupancy of the vehicle.  Our largest vehicles can take up to 6 wheelchairs. 

Securing Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids

Our Driver/Escorts are fully trained to secure wheelchairs, scooters and mobility aids using the Unwin secure restraint system - see Unwin Systems for further information.

Wheelchair Passport Scheme

Members who would like to utilise their wheelchair or scooter on our vehicles may need to have an assessment with our Health and Safety Assessor who will issue a 'Wheelchair Passport' for the equipment.  Once assessed, the Passport will be issued to you and can be fastened to your chair or carried with you.  The Passport provides you with reassurance that our Driver/Escorts have full information regarding the type of Unwin secure restraint to use and whether you will need to transfer to a seat to travel safely. 

If your wheelchair has not been certified as 'crash-tested', you will be asked to transfer to a seat to travel safely on the vehicle.  All passengers using a scooter must transfer to a seat to travel in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation.