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Meet some of our volunteers

My Volunteering Experience with Social Access

Passenger Assistant & Travel Buddy

On a weekly basis I support one of the passengers by being their Travel Buddy – helping them to do their food shopping and having a cup of tea and a catch-up before they go home on the minibus.

I’m also a Passenger Assistant on day trips and get to visit some wonderful places with our passengers, from watching a musical at the theatre to lunch at the pub and trips further away to places such as St Fagan’s and Clark’s Village.

The passengers love the opportunity to get out and about and spend time with other people as many of them live alone.

I've been a volunteer with Social Access for over three years. I really enjoy spending time with the passengers and have met some lovely, interesting people.
Alex, Jack, Vic and Jason
UWE CAKE Project Team

Our team volunteered to work with Social Access as part of our final year degree project at the University of the West of England. 

We worked with the senior management team to develop a database solution to help them to monitor communications with stakeholders and they were really pleased with the results. 

Volunteering with Social Access was a really worthwhile experience and it feels great to have a fully functioning database to show to a prospective employer and to know that our work will be used every day for a really important Charity.

The team at Social Access were great and we were able to use our skills to develop a real world IT project to help the Charity with their outreach work.
Assistant Shuttle Bus Co-ordintator

I've been volunteering with Social Access as Assistant Shuttle Bus Co-ordinator at Glastonbury Festival since 2013 helping to manage the vehicles, routes and our volunteer driver team.

I feel priveleged to support this wonderful service as the disabled people we meet at the festival tell us that they could never have considered attending without our help to get around the site.  I've met some fantastic people, not only those attending the festival, but also the volunteers from other charities working at Spring Ground such as Deafzone, Attitude is Everything and Oxfam. 

Spring Ground, the disabled campsite is very special and sitting around the campfire after a long day to chat to disabled festival goers, many of whom have overcome tremendous odds to attend is a truly humbling experience.  I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than volunteering with Social Access to support this unique event and some unique, inspiring people.

The Social Access volunteer team at Glastonbury Festival are amazing. We have a great time taking disabled people around the festival site and everyone is so grateful for the service. It's tiring work, but I look forward to it all year round.